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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Advertising works, right? You're here

I daresay the search engine phenomenon is not so hidden as to be a low profile issue on any consumer survey map. As if we needed reminding, adverts online are way ahead, whilst the viability of print and even television is in question, to put the point simply. The latest thing now is the drop in the usage of pop-ups - which of course many programs now enable the savvy user to avoid - and more targeted promotion. For instance, the social networking sites attract a certain age profile, common knowledge for the ambitious marketer. Look at even this blog. The adverts are embedded within the template of the page, not getting in the way (I hope) of the main rivetting text.

Speaking of which, advertising is a major area for new start ups. No more so than the new German company They are now part of a second trend which sees many companys from Deutschland shunning the GmbH corporate status in favour of registering as an Ltd in England. The advantages? Much cheaper in terms of intial capital, less red tape etc. However a fair few of them were not submitting required financial data. This problem has been seen in AIM (alternative investment market), ably targeted by the relevant authorities. So a German director inthe computer room in Munich may have his firm registerd in Middlesbrough, all through the help of a consultant.

Well, i suggest all of you quickly check that empty building in the middle of the high street. Perhaps it is not simply the former newsagent's.


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