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Friday, October 06, 2006

All the same, are we?

Whether or not a human is involved directly in research of the psychological kind, it is the case that there resides deep within us the deep primal urge to operate to take advantage of a certain situation that presents itself. A natural disaster, war, tragedy, economic downturn or other problematic general circumstance, mankind often returns to the basic mode of survival.

It is fair to say that where there is some sort of calamity someone, somewhere is profiting. That is not meant as a criticism, or even cynicism, but a statement of life. Recent news has presented - only a few weeks after the controversial item that the navy not the RAF won the Battle of Britain - the startling but not impossible-to-believe revelations that the Blitz endured by London in World War II was a time of not only restraint and stiff upper lip, but of gleeful abandon. Even to the point of fingers being severed for the procurement of jewellry, not to mention the sexual expressions of love. The ongoing Iraq war is just a confirmation of this scenario, where soldiers outside the normal remit of society (whatever that means) revert to actions to be regretted.

So there you have it. Hopefully you are not stuck on mountainside somewhere in the future with a group with no sign of help. Let's just say try and have a good relationship with your fellow travellers, in case you are the one that draws the vote for sacrifice. And pack a GPS phone.


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