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Friday, October 20, 2006

Bloody students

It has come to the attention of the authorities in US that certain other countries apart from its own are rising up the popularity list for potential destinations. Many international students have, in the light of the terror attacks and its aftermath, decided to head to continental Europe and South-east Asia for learning. This they attribute to greater restrictions and delays to visa's and what not; such is to be expected in the security backlash. There was even a delegation recently organised to fly out to various parts of the world for the purpose of reversing this trend and encouraging the aspiring graduates of the local population to apply to American colleges.

The most interesting aspect of this recruitment drive was the selection of the team. Heads of the various reputable institutions were commisioned to act in unison, refusing to promote their own university. Instead all were to fly the 'spangled banner' for the good of the country. Leaving aside any intial cynicism, it must be said it may be nigh impossible to remain neutral, even with the best intentions. Imagine the anxious teenagers, eager to aim in a particular direction. It cannot be long surely before someone pops the question, 'so which college do you actually belong too'. The MC introducing the delegates could probably mention the name, but value judgements would immediately be taken.

An obvious omission is the UK. The language helps and London has the largest student population in the world. Bit of advice: always research the place before attending.


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