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Monday, October 23, 2006

Fired up

Energy is required of all living creatures in order to survive. More specifically, electricity is the lifeblood of most of the world today in many forms. Of course, electricity is a series of pulses of energy sent down a cable of some sort, and is created from natural resources from the ground, or increasingly from nuclear or even renewable sources such as the sun. If you have noticed there has been consolidation in this sector of the past couple of years, with Europe seeing the rise of so-called 'national champions' who dominate their area in the home country and beyond. The European Commission wants - amongst other things - greater unison between energy corporations on a Europe-wide scale. This may have something to do with the greater strength of Russian counterparts and the need to also balance on the other side US power.

It then comes as a surprise when with these accepted facts in mind as regards national proctectionsim that some organisations see fit to deny its existence. The energy market is controlled in part by State-backed companies that prevent other national firms from taking too great a stake. Germany was asked to give up the 'golden share' it holds in Eon. However, the issue of this was disputed by the supplier itself. For it said there was no golden share. So who is right?

The humour abounds in the broadsheets and online news. One can be sometimes unsure of the actual truth. The globe is warming, or is it just part of a short-term cycle? Of course, the many blogs out there are quite truthful; I leave you to figure out which ones.


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