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Monday, October 09, 2006

How many are there?

There was an interesting gadget in the last decade which often uttered the words above annoyingly when a child was learning the basics of numeracy. One wonders whether such an electronic device is still around; perrhaps the levels of frustration caused by the repetition succeeded in driving pupils to break so many of them, that the company could not produce enough replacements. Actually, "how likely is that scenario?", I hear you ask.

One better spare a thought for the armed forces then at this time in the ever dangerous fields of conflict. Readers of the Daily Telegraph article must have been forced into fits of laughter at the lack humour. Not only did Tony Blair state the obvious in pointing out that things were dangerous, he then proceeded to promise grammatically that "whatever package they need, we will do". Not the wisest of actions when some parts of the infantry are lacking some basic equipment. The best moment was when the report said a general had wondered where on earth the strictly funded Ministry of Defence was going to find some Chinook helicopters.

This is where the trans-atlantic relationship could come in handy. In fact, a couple of generations from now it is very possible the majority of was could be conducted by robots. Already the US dominates the research and spending on automating actions in fighter jets, amongst other things. The human being just provides opertaional control and is ready to intervene in danger.

Whether this will have any effect on the trend of certain anti-American factions from resorting to the old-fashioned suicide bombings remains to be seen. Though even here the Middle East is seeing unfortunate use of technology in detonation. Sometimes free trade of ideas is not so good.


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