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Thursday, October 19, 2006

If this is not it, what is?

The men of power who control a great deal of the economy are well-known to be whisked by plane around the world to attend high-level talks. It is not often crucial the actual content, but they must be seen to be working, making deals. Often what they say is crucial and can move markets, causing share prices to fall/rise. At the top it is often a merry-go-round, but a journey that starts from the top. For one is sent to a good school, reputable university, accepted onto a good company graduate scheme and then works way up to some sort of authority position.

In this case the quote was not one which will necessarily determine in any sort of way the fortunes of a certain sector of the economy. However, as always, this was a peach of a quote. For the departing executive of a major bank said, 'I never expected this [position as director] to be the pinnacle of my career'. So understated yet true nevertheless. And however one puts that it must hurt a little for the remaining chief officer. It is hardly a shot across the bows yet no ringing endorsement. The fact is that there are higher challenges in the eyes of this leaver.

This blog is rather satisfying in the way one can express opinions in a personal fashion for others hopefully to digest. I am not currently willing to divulge whether or not this is the pinnacle of my career. For a start, the career has hardly started.


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