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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No chance, mate

If you had gambled on gambling stocks to fall over the last month, a lot of cash would now be sitting in your account. The online gambling companies in the US recently received a battering, with it now being illegal to use electronic means of payment to place bets. The mainly UK-originated firms have swiftly removed themselves from operations over the pond. It got to the stage that even well-respected gambling company executives (no that's no oxymoron) were caught on the way to the airport on internal flights within North America.

As a continuation, it shows you the influence of the net. Rather intangible in a way, people are sending electronic pulses across networks, playing on virutal portals and taking winnings in an electronic format. If they then pay by credit/debit card for the groceries, the whole process from registering to realising their earnings has not even involved one hint of hard cash. Truly amazing, and add to that the fact that the most powerful government arguably in world history has taken to legislating on the private fiddlings of the computer user says much for the increasing fusion of virtual and 'reality'.

It must be added that this piece of legislation was tagged onto the end of a Bill concerning national security, a perceived former strong point of the Bush administration. One final point. Is it coincidence I wonder, that online gambling has been severely restricted just around the time the scandal about Abramoff's associates develpos further. For it has been found he lobbied the White House on behalf of online gambling sites. His lobbying firm had received money from the sites in turn. Just down to chance?


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