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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Religious foundation?

One of the most interesting things to do is to look back a little in time to see the origin and development of certain people and institutions. As you will well know, it pays to look at the biographies of the great men of all time, including those alive, for inspiration purposes. For instance, you may not know that Iraq was 80 years ago a newly secured British mandate, with royal family and allegiance to the English King.

This brings me to Maersk shipping lines which recently featured in the international papers that I love to read online and in hand. They re the massive Danish conglomerate that is number 1 - yes, ships still do exist despite the increase in airplanes. The fact of the matter is this, they started over a century ago. Now it is clear to most that Danes can be bracketed in the Scandinavian region. The other Scandinavian giant Sweden, has a giant company Eriksson (now tied up with Sony for mobile handsets) also a venerable institution. That actually started in the old days of the small Swedish village that had a number of Protestant 'free churches'. The Protestant work ethic, according to Max Weber the German philosopher, meant they members put capital together to start business.

Now who would have thought religion could make money, eh? Or perhaps such has always been a great way to organise society. If one is devout follower of God, then one is more likely to save cash than piss it away on a Friday night on the town. The EU should look at this when comparing itself to the bastion of innovation, USA.


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