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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sino-EU trade relations; a year on

British Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to visit China in my second week in that vast country almost exactly a year ago. I shall not go as far as saying he realised I was here before he came, but certainly this co-incidence is rather significant. If one has not realised how key this country is, then this should come as a timely reminder. In addition, the only English news channel in China - which naturally was my main station - reminded my room constantly of seemingly never-ending economic forums with businessmen from the West. Stuff like "Hu Jintao/Wen Jiabao has just met the foreign minister from Mozambique". And other similarly relatively insignificant nations. Cue the overstretched face smiling inanely and handshakes held far beyond the usual few seconds.

Let me put it this way, globalisation is an unstoppable force, something that has always fascinated me. Forget all this nonsense about an East/West clash of ideals, amongst other things. Just over a year ago US, European, African and Asian government finance ministers met not far from here to discuss the establishment of a new international economic order ( Meanwhile, America has received millions of dollars worth of aid from its supposed nemesis in the aftermath of the recent tragic hurricane.When it comes to monetary concerns, it is clear to me that there are no real national limits; my Finance masters course starting now is not a year too soon.

With all this rentless pace of change in the world, it srikes one as surprising and sad that progress is still not made in the area of airflight. One simply needs to open the paper on a weekly basis to realise the persistence of low quaility pilots and craft leading to avoidable disasters.


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