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Friday, October 27, 2006

Track to top destination

Just remember that you heard it first here. The latest scheme by an ambitious entity has been revealed. The matter at hand concerns the way to pull up and over established giants. Anytime an organisation comes to prominence there is always a transfer of knowledge from forebearers. Wiping the slate totally clean in real life never really happens, apart from in the case of forgiveness from God through confession with the Catholic priest, naturally.

In the fight for hegemony amongst TNC's staff are constantly being lured by offers of greater benefits across the road from their employer's. As Trevor Bayliss puts well, the ubiquitous inventor, the process of innovation builds upon previous gains and progress. Indeed, the famous words attributed to a certain person probably were uttered by someone of a preceding generation, only to be put into a more memorable context by the great man now qouted.

So we see that China has stipulated the transfer of technology with every company it allows into the middle kingdom to build transport infrastructure. For the continental European and Canadian giants in the field looking to support the growth of the rail industry in the country, they need to provide access to some of their blueprints in exchange for access to the largest national market in the world.

Therefore do not be surprised to see the 'made in south East Asia' label to be appended to large locomotives. Imagine that; one year providing the trains to China, then the next receiving similar vehicles back but better from the former recipient turned developer.


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