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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

US Army or World Army?

The United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Warsaw Pact (former) EU defence, are a collection of supra-national organisations established to maintain order in whichever part of the world they see fit. This is not to mention the numerous private security personnel consulting companies set up by former soldiers to fill in the vacuum in places such as Iraq to protect contractors trying to build infrastructure.

If you did not know it, know it fom today. For there is hardly an area in the world where there are not US troops stationed. However, that is not the most eye-opening news. In nearly as many places, there exists troops from countless countries. Indians in west Africa, French in the Middle East, Chinese in Eurasia. The fact of the matter is there is not one single country able to provide enough manpower to target the numerous conflict spots in the world today.

The great challenge today is to see if the limited African Union forces can make any impact against the terror of the Janjaweed in the Sudan and the marauding of the tribesmen. Nigeria already contributed to the Liberia situation - even if that involved whisking Charles Taylor away to exile - and one hopes more co-operation will make things easier, and not simply for the assistance of capitalist development.

And there you were thinking the US is the world's policeman and that continental Europe were the peaceniks engaged only in debates in Brussels.


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