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Sunday, October 08, 2006

A vehicle for surveillance. Technology, eh?

The changes that technology is driving in the automotive industry (no pun intended) are rather fascinating in their scope and speed. The very inception of the first Ford model was a breakthrough in technology, and today's dashboard is like a collection of gadgets. The announcement of the inclusion of a 'black box' in motor cars to record its movements for insurance purposes is simply the latest in a long line of advancements. I mean, we all take the seatbelt for granted, but only a quarter of a century ago it was not fitted as standard in vehicles. One must not forget the airbag, speedometer, lights, music players, wipers, climate control and the like. In many cars it would be possible to live in them for a day or two.

The virtual 'spy' according to MSN news will be able to see how fast you are driving, as well as where and when. The pay-as-you go scheme will operate so as to penalise those who drive at peak times; for young people peak meaning the twilight hours when they are most likely to crash. Older citizens will pay a premium for rush hour traffic, in the more traditional sense of the word. Thus you can determine the bill you pay over and above a set minimum.

This goes to show the ever increasing invasion of privacy. Right or wrong, this trend is set to continue with agencies knowing more information about you. Even visiting this site, and my publishing this article, is controlled by the internet giants, since every computer has a unique IP address. In addition, it demonstrates the West is continuing to move away from rigid commitments. Remote working, mobile phone numbers easily changed and credit added, multiple car share schemes all are examples.

Mankind in some respects is freer than ever. One can fly around the world doing projects, without necessarily having any real contracts with anyone or fixed address. Indeed, you are free to stop reading now, but of course that would mean you miss the vital nuggets of information I disperse.


Anonymous Markus said...

It is fascinating and good that you see the real thing how they work. Keep up the good work. All the best for your postgrad course.


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