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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who do you believe in?

Political correctness has no end. Apparently a small crucifix - popularised by scores of celebrities - is now unacceptable to wear around one's neck when working for the world's favourite airline. BA sent a worker home for refusing to conceal this harmless piece of neckwear. Presumably they thought it would harm relations between certain ethnic minorities without an actual thought for the actual thoughts of those that could be supposedly easily harmed.

The comeback (though politicians have said there can be no 'commercial comeback' from this one) is that this was part of a general ban on jewellry in general. Apart from wedding rings or ear studs, but that is obviously quite another matter. The religious discrimination law is now being used in a novel form, for it is not often a member of the Christian faith stands up and fights for rights. This could become more commonplace depending upon the outcome of the case.

One wonders if we would have got this far if it involved a person of darker complexion sporting some religious symbol. For the record, turbans etc. are allowed as they cannot be practically hidden away. Fancy that, trying to get someone to cover their headwear instead of simply asking the employee to remove it. But that would be too commonsense a solution for the major firms in this sensitive area of PC and multi-culturalism. Its's all relative, ain't it?


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