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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Who's fighting?

Whenever a nation goes to war - even if only on the pretension of 'peacekeeping'/ maintaining order against 'insurgency' - the supposition is that troops and equipment is representative of that particular State. Naturally the trend of globalisation has eroded such sensibilities, not least in certain developing nations where each side in a civil war is armed by opposing world powers.

However, it does nonetheless come as a shock to see the troops in Afghanistan are soon to rely on Russian made helicopters, a country not known for its close alliance with Anglo-American governments. It must be said that these are formerly of Russian possession, now in the hands of a British firm. The humour comes as follows in the protestations from the Ministry of Defence. The aircraft in question had been 'Westernised' and that cash from Gordon Brown's Treasury was 'aboslutely not' a problem. As if the common man would be able to prove that 'nothing that has been asked for has been refused'.

Recently there was an item in a local London paper that pointed to a shady (reportedly) organisation acting as a government agency for armaments trade for the past few decades. On the edge of Bloomsbury, central London, was an ordinary looking building. Could it be that the jeans you wear say 'made in China', and that vehicles driven by fighting soldiers bears the name 'made in Europe'?


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