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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wow! Technology, industry

As you read through the regular posts, you may have noticed a regular trend that appears throughout this website. I, and many others, are big believers in the power of technology. Remember this does not just mean the latest MP4 player, G3 enabled mobile phone or sleek new gadget. There exists technology in all areas where innovation is let loose to confront problems and take the load off the common man. It makes life a great deal more tolerable. The truth of the matter concerns the technology we have just described. For economists technology is society's pool of knowledge regarding the industrial and agricultural arts. So this derives the techniques in use and directs the use of scientific knowledge, setting a limit on the amount and types of goods that can be put out from a specific total of resources.

That technology is flexible is being utilised in the disposal industry. One may throw away stuff carelessly but this stuff has to go somewhere (unless of course it is in one's backyard). Indeed the pile up of waste is such a problem that there are regular world summits and now some of it is shipped to poorer parts of the world to be dismantled to the detriment of many a downtrodden worker. The latest is that garbage usually headed for the landfill site may be incinerated to release gas to power stations; in fact the actual energy produced in the process of burning can more than maintain the station itself. This is not to even mention biofuels that can be drawn in to extract valuable energy.

The plans to do this for a much greater percentage of waste is ready. And of course much of it originates or is perfected on computers. As in this piece of work. Whether you wish to subscribe the first verb or the latter one is down to you.


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