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Monday, October 02, 2006

You believe who I am, don't you?

Well latest from the 'pink pages' is that most of us are liars. Or at least those who work in companies, which goes for the majority of adults of working age in the West and perhaps also in the developing southern hemisphere. The point basically goes like this: because of office politics and otherwise the average employee - and for that matter employer - needs to keep those around them happy like she does. Example is "congrats on your new job" even if one is annoyed/puzzled at their promotion over you. It is the case that politicians lie just like, or even worse than, the Hungarian prime minister did recently. One of the more notable pieces of action from the recent Labour party conference in UK was the wife of the soon-to-be-gone-but-not-too-soon prime minster Tony Blair saying Gordon Brown did not actaully find Blair

Of course, a lie by itself is no crime. Unless it is accompanied by some sort of proscribed social wrong e.g. fraud, court contempt. Gambling, on the other hand, is close to being confirmed illegal if the Republicans succeed in the continued diversions from the 'Iraq' issue, led by the ambitious (presidential aspirations) Bill Frist (Senate majority leader currently). I say it is all a load of speculation and the chances of it actually preventing private American (North) citizens from using electronic transfer to go on the web are quite slim. And one wonders why many are cynical of the politics. Add to this the rise of graduate schemes for virtually similar trans-national corporations and countless online applications - are you saying all is truthful and above board.

Recent recruit "After wide research and speaking to manager, I realise this firm was the one"
Translate "After continual rejection, I settled on this company. After all the pay was good".

Politics is after all a game. As is wagering bets. And both you play to win.


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