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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saddam gone, who next?

Well I am back folks; as you know any occupation worth doing takes time. Even students who do not have the best reputation regarding this do have to put the effort in, allbeit just before deadline time. This is the cause of much caffeine intake or daytime TV intake, or simply web 'research'. Or blogging.

The big news was surely the confirmation - if we needed it at all - that Saddam Hussein was going to be brought down in the gallows, executed as much of the world thought he might. Hanging is not as easy as shooting by firing squad, it is a slower and more old-fashioned type of death. This is a rather perverse time to be analysing the pros and cons of technology, but in this case one wonders whether they should grant him his wish for a quick death. After all the Kurds want him dead and don't mind how this occurs.

Just over 3 years ago his statue was sent tumbling down. Now his actual flesh will be brought down below the ground to be buried. A lesson to all aspiring politicians; keep on the right side of the great powers and know when one's time is up. Hiding behind a computer screen with ego is in the long-term less risky than showing off in front of the media and country, whatever the merits or not of a particluar ruler's regime. Once you are of no use, it is time to move one, life is that harsh. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites:

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